About Us

Vermont Health Care Association is committed to advocating on behalf of residents, staff and communities that depend on Vermont’s nursing, residential care, and assisted living homes as an integral component of the long term care continuum. We believe that the delivery of high quality long term care services to Vermonters demands collaboration between all providers within our communities, residents and clients, families and the State of Vermont in an open and collegial partnership. We believe that our efforts should be guided by the needs of our citizens as well as by the finite resources we have to deliver the most appropriate care in the most appropriate setting.

We believe that Vermont nursing, residential care and assisted living homes have the responsibility to:

  • Work collaboratively with other community organizations to ensure that every resident, or prospective resident, receives the right level of care, by the right provider, in the right setting in order to meet his or her particular health care needs;
  • Provide quality care to all residents in an environment that promotes the greatest level of independence and dignity;
  • Maintain a qualified workforce—providing them with the resources and training to offer the most appropriate and highest level of quality services to our residents;
  • Advocate to state and community leaders on behalf of our residents, staff and the communities we serve for the development of state policies that recognize and support the role of nursing, residential care and assisted living homes in Vermont’s long term care system;
  • Insist that the State of Vermont maintain a reimbursement system that is predictable and that adequately supports quality care while allowing providers to remain financially viable;
  • Respond to emerging community needs by addressing them with new, innovative services that include respite services, dementia programs, rehabilitation services, and other programs, while maintaining high quality, person-centered services for our most frail and vulnerable citizens;
  • Accept the responsibility of being full partners with the State of Vermont in the exploration of new initiatives to both serve the needs of our citizens, as well as make the best and most efficient use of limited financial resources.